The 2007-2008 Music Season

Most music groups have either presented their first concerts of the new season or are in the throes of final preparations. Being a composer, I’m allowed a bit more leeway in such matters. But, I do have some concerts planned for this season:

  • Breaking Down the Beat, presented by the Random Access Composers’ collective , this is a concert of older works that explore, develop, and/or deconstruct the use of rhythm in modern, American music (October 18, 2007). I’ll have a work for solo acoustic guitarĀ on the program. The performer is also a new collaborator–Vilian Ivantchev, a young guitarist at the Mannes School of Music;
  • Lost Dog and RAM: RhododendRAM, another year of collaboration between the RAM composers and the musicians of the Lost Dog New Music Ensemble (May 2 and May 4, 2008). I’ll be writing a piece for Clarinet and Violoncello;
  • Iktus Percussion Quartet and RAM, a first-time collaboration between the two groups (Summer, 2008).

I hope you’ll be able to attend at least one of these concerts. More information coming soon!

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