Gargoyle Garden casting: Complete!

Well, that was not that painful in the end… choosing the cast was long and arduous, and–as I noted in a previous post–was very sad when it came time to send rejection notices. But, we now have all the roles cast and I have to begin scheduling rehearsals!! The cast for the 2008 NYC international Fringe Festival performance of Gargoyle Garden is:

The Chimney-man: Al Gillespie
Edgar Allen Densmore: Patrick Henney
Annabel Lee: Emily Bordonaro
Brother Keyes: John C. Taylor
Gritchpoo (sop. gargoyle): Elizabeth Mondragon
Grokk (ten. gargoyle): Josh Allor
Grindl (bass gargoyle): Brian DePetris

Tickets go on sale July 18. You may purchase tickets online or at the door. Ticket prices are $15. If you wish to purchase tickets at the door, you may only use cash, and purchases begin 15 minutes before showtime. One final thing to note: if you want to purchase tickets online, you must make the purchase at least 24 hours in advance. Because there are multiple shows in each venue, you may not purchase tickets online less than 24 hours in advance. This is to help the box-office staff at the venues do their jobs efficiently.

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