Rehearsals Continue

Rehearsals continued this weekend and on Monday night (7/21). The cast has begun to memorize the music and are off-book for brief moments of time. Jeff worked on staging/blocking 3 numbers last saturday, and then we rehearsed those numbers with both staging and music on Monday night. Jeff’s direction is wonderful, and the numbers are full of energy and fun. There is always a moment in every rehearsal process when I start feeling like what’s going to happen is real–and is going to work for both me and the audience. Last night was the first time I’ve had that feeling. It’s such a great feeling to have, too. I was on cloud 9 for the entire subway ride home from rehearsals.

Emily in earsJeff has also begun working on costumes. For the gargoyle’s ears, he’s working with ball caps and other kinds of hats. Here’s Emily–who is not a gargoyle, but, rather, Annabel Lee–showing off one of jeff’s creations.

Rehearsals continue on Wednesday night, with Laura Barger finally at the Piano. (She’s been away in Europe for the first part of the month–lucky girl.) I’ll write a new post after that rehearsal. Keep checking back in.


edgar and grokk

Tickets for Gargoyle Garden are $15! Follow these links to purchase tickets:

Sat 8/9 @ 7:45
Sun 8/10 @ 5:30
Wed 8/13 @ 5:15
Sun 8/17 @ 2:30
Wed 8/20 @ 8

for more info, go to the gargoyle garden homepage.

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