Christine Perea performs “Crazy Cat Lady”

This past weekend, I received two marvelous performances of my work for solo flute entitled Crazy Cat Lady. My friend, colleague, and new music performer extraordinaire, Christine Perea, was the performer. What I love the most about Christine is her dedication and commitment to new music. She’s a fearless advocate of music that employs extended performance techniques and modern compositional practices. She’s also one of the kindest musicians I’ve ever worked with. Crazy Cat Lady  was written for and dedicated to Christine, with the express intent to make use of her varied talents, and she did not disappoint.


Every once in a while a composer writes a work that he or she is proud of; that is performed well; that is appreciated by the audience; and that the performer of the work enjoys playing. It doesn’t happen often. Crazy Cat Lady  is one of those pieces, and I’m so happy that Christine Perea was part of making that happen. So, to my favorite crazy cat lady: Thanks! If you find video of performances to be distracting, then visit my works list page to take a listen to an mp3.

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