Wabash College Faculty-Alumni Symposium: Back Home Again in Indiana

Wally Tunes Graphic (2)This February 21st, 2014, I’ll be back home again in Indiana as a guest of my alma mater, Wabash College. Wabash will be presenting a Symposium on Music in the Liberal Arts, and they asked me to speak about my work as a composer. I countered with the offer to write a piece for performance, instead of boring people by blathering on about my music. They agreed, and I contacted my old piano teacher and friend, Diane Norton, to see if she would be interested in playing a new work. She suggested I write for piano and cello so that she could play with a colleague. I loved the idea. So, my talk will include a performance of my new work, entitled¬†3 Phantasies, along with a discussion of how composers work alone and in collaboration with the performers of their works. I hope it will be an interesting talk. And, I’m hoping that the audience will ask lots of questions of the 2 performers, Kristen Strandberg and Diane Norton. (More info about the Symposium)

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