Works List (w/ soundclips)

3 Phantasies for 'Cello and Piano Length: ca. 15:00 (2013) I. A Dance of Distant Rains and Thunder [sc_embed_player fileurl=""] II. Voices Past, Softly Speaking (Pretty Saro) [sc_embed_player fileurl=""] III. Gelid Spirits Leap Among Winter Trees [sc_embed_player fileurl=""] (Performed by Kate Dillingham, Cello; and Wei-Chieh Lin, Piano) Aspects Of A Singularity for Viol Consort (Treble, Tenor, Bass, Bass) Length: ca. 9:00 (2013) To listen only [sc_embed_player fileurl=""] Walamboltz for Orchestra (11222 4221 2 Stgs) Length: ca. 4:30 (2013) A Dance Of Shadows for Cello and Piano Length: ca. 9:00 (2013) [sc_embed_player fileurl=""] Indefinite Bellows and Certain Murmurs for Brass Quintet (2 Tpts, Hn, Tbn., Bs. Tbn.) Length: ca. 7:40 (2013) Toast And Jam for Flute, Vibraphone, Congas, Violin, and Violoncello (all percussion for 1 player) Length ca. 6:45 (2012) [sc_embed_player fileurl=""] Throttle for Violin, Violoncello, and Piano. Length ca. 6:00 (2012) [sc_embed_player fileurl=""] as big as alone for Clarinet in B-flat and Piano. Length: ca. 9:30 (2011) Notes for Six for 2 sopranos, 1 mezzo-soprano, 2 electric guitars, and percussion. Length: ca. 8:45 (2011) Poeticisms: 7 Images from a Poem by Donald Baker notated for 6 improvising performers (Voice, Clarinet, Tenor Sax, Piano, Violin, and Cello), but any number of performers may perform the work. The length of the work depends on the performers--anywhere from 2:30 to 8:00 (or longer!) (2010) Pundits for Saxophone Quartet (Sop., Alto, Ten., Bari.). Length: ca. 7:30 (2010) [youtube]ig40jmHauds[/youtube] or, if you prefer to listen only [sc_embed_player fileurl=""] (please note that this work goes from the barely audible to the loudest extreme available on the instruments. When listening to the audio-stream of this work, do not turn up your speakers too high!) Ayre and Earth for Violin and Piano. Length: ca. 9:15 (2009) [sc_embed_player fileurl=""] Crazy Cat Lady for solo Flute. Length: circa 7:45 (2009) (FINALIST: 2010 National Flute Association Newly Published Music for Solo Flute) [sc_embed_player fileurl=""] (Live recording 4/24/09 by Christine Perea--sorry for the street noise in the recording. It was an uncharacteristically hot april evening, so the windows at the recital hall in the East Village were wide open! Below is a video of the same premiere performance.) [youtube]jCZ4rV9Ru-Y[/youtube] This Day, This Dusk for Orchestra (Picc., 2 Fl., 2 Cl, 2 Bn., 4 Hn., 2 Tpt., 2 Tbn., Bs. Tbn., Tba., Timp., 2 Perc., Pno, Strings). Length: circa 12:00 (2009) Premiered by the Round Rock Symphony April 4, 2009. [sc_embed_player fileurl=""] (excerpt from middle of work) Dance in Odd Times for Percussion Quartet. Length: ca. 7:45 (2008) Percussion 1: Vibraphone, 2 Wood Blocks, Snare Drum, 2 Suspended Cymbals Percussion 2: Glockenspiel, 5 Temple Blocks, Congas, Triangle Percussion 3: Marimba, Bongos, Triangle Percussion 4: Xylophone, 2 Tom-toms, Large Tamtam [sc_embed_player fileurl=""] jean baptist oudry's Still life with monkey, fruit and flowers Still Life (with Monkey) I. The Fruit: apples and oranges II. The Flowers III. (and the Monkey) For Clarinet and Violoncello. Length: ca. 9:15. (2008) Recording of 3rd movement: [sc_embed_player fileurl=""] My good friend, Brad Baldauf, found this painting at the Chicago Art Institute. My own work was created with no knowledge of this painting. My Monkey was inspired by watching my 2.5 year old daughter arrange her own still life, which included a monkey. There's nothing new under the sun, I guess... Notes For Zoe For Soprano, Electric Guitar, and electronic loopers. Length: ca. 7:40. No text. (2007)  [sc_embed_player fileurl=""] Indirect Lines to Another and the Next For Flute, Violoncello, and Piano. Length: ca. 7:20. (2007) [sc_embed_player fileurl=""] Gargoyle Garden An opera for children. 7 singers (Primary roles: Boy Soprano, Girl Soprano, Tenor, Baritone; minor roles: Soprano, Tenor, Bass), chamber orchestra (Fl., Ob., Cl., Bsn., Tpt., Hn., Perc., Pno., 2 Vns., Va., Vc.). Arrangements for larger orchestra and smaller ensembles (including Piano accompaniment alone) are available. Length: ca. 48:00. Libretto by Jeff Lagreca. (2006) Chimneyman's Song (opening aria) [sc_embed_player fileurl=""] You may purchase a copy of the Piano/Vocal score of Gargoyle through the Astoria Music Society Press. Psalm 23 For Electric Guitar, Mezzo-Soprano, and electronic looper. Length: ca. 5:30. Text: traditional, in original Hebrew. (2006) Echo n' Jag       For Prepared Piano, Viola, and Violoncello. Length: ca. 7:45. (2006) [sc_embed_player fileurl=""] Prayer For 2 mezzo-sopranos. Traditional text (in Hebrew). Length: ca. 3:00. (2005) [sc_embed_player fileurl=""] Rage and Reflection For Piano, 2 Violins, Viola, Violoncello. Length: ca. 8:45. (2005) [sc_embed_player fileurl=""]  Passages (2005 revision)  For SATB Chorus, Native American Flute, Marimba, Crotales, and String Orchestra. Text compiled by the composer from speeches by Tecumseh, Chief Womankiller, and H.G. Clauder. Length: ca. 10:00. (2005) [sc_embed_player fileurl=""] Music for an Elliptical Orbit For Flute, Bassoon, Trumpet, Trombone, Unpitched Percussion, 2 Electric Guitars, Violin, Violoncello. Length: ca. 7:00. (2004) [sc_embed_player fileurl=""] Rhythm and Movement for the Awkward 5 Movements. For solo acoustic Guitar and Dancer. Length: ca. 13 minutes. (2003) Serrated Edges For Solo Guitar. Length: ca. 6:30. (2003) [sc_embed_player fileurl=""] Exultations! Fanfare for Brass Choir. For 4 Horns, 4 Trumpets, 3 Trombones, 2 Baritones, 1 Tuba, Timpani. Length: ca. 3:00. (2003) Mind Of Winter Three Movements. For Acoustic Guitar and Mezzo-Soprano. Length: ca. 10:00. Text: 3 Poems by Wallace Stevens. (2002) [sc_embed_player fileurl=""] Imaginary Landscapes #1 For Violoncello and computer generated tape. Length: 10:36. (2001) Thump For solo Guitar. Length: ca. 8:30. (2000) 4 Bagatelles for Guitar For solo Guitar. Length: ca. 5:10 (2000) next to of course god america i For Piano and High Voice. Text by E.E. Cummings. Length: ca. 2:50. (2000) Jade Dance  For Piano. Length: ca. 8:30. Arrangements for 2 Pianos and for Piano four hands also available. (2000, revised 2005) [sc_embed_player fileurl=""] Passages  For Recorder, Marimba, and SATB chorus. Text compiled by the composer from speeches by Tecumseh, Chief Womankiller, and H.G. Clauder. Length: ca. 10:00. (1999, see above for new arrangement) [sc_embed_player fileurl=""] Smackwarm For computer generated tape. Text read by the composer from James Joyce' Ulysses. Length: 4:22. (1999) Err on 4 Strings For Violin solo. Length: ca. 9:20. (1998) Scatting For Fl., Ob., Va., Vc., and computer generated tape. Length: ca: 8:30. (1998) Prayer, War Song, and Lullaby For Baritone, Violin, Horn, Piano 4-hands, and Percussion. Text compiled by the composer from traditional Native American folk songs and poems. Length: ca. 14:20. (1997) Prelude For Organ solo. Length: ca. 4:40 (1997) Three Songs from "Pomes Penyeach" 3 Movements. For Tenor and computer-generated tape. Text by James Joyce. Length: ca. 10:20. (1997) Etchings For Piano, 2 Violins, Viola, Violoncello. Length: ca. 5:20. (1996) Six Extreme Miniatures for a Small Orchestra Six Movements. For chamber orchestra (1111 2100 66432). Length: ca. 5:40. (1996) On the Advice of David Lang For Guitar, Violin, Clarinet, Violoncello. Length: ca. 7:00 (1995) Essay for Trumpet and Tape For Trumpet in B-flat and computer generated tape. Length: ca. 9:30. (1995) Fundamentals  For computer generated tape. Length: 9:54 (1994) [sc_embed_player fileurl=""] Ding an Sich For Percussion Trio. Length: ca. 8:00. (1994)

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