Gargoyle Garden update

Well, things are, uh…, proceeding. Good news/bad news/no news. Good news: Jeff and I have received our venue designation from the Fringe Festival organizers. It’s a great venue. I can’t tell you where it is yet, though, since the organizers are putting the final touches on where all of the festival’s 200 shows will be. So, they don’t want us to announce anything until they’ve got all their ducks in a row. (I guess that’s kind of “good no news”.)

Good news: I’ve completed the additions that Jeff and I decided on, which will add about 7 minutes to the show. Much of the additions are reprises of earlier music, or are re-workings of other material that I’ve previously written. However, I did have to write one new song. But, I got that done last weekend, so we’re ready to go.

Bad news: we’re still looking for a boy and a girl to perform the children’s roles. We thought we had a possible line on the boy soprano role, but it fell through at the last minute. We also have a few more roles to fill–2 of the gargoyles. Still, the major role is filled by the originator–Al Gillespie–who I’m particularly excited about, and I’m happy that he’ll be reprising the role.

No news: we still don’t know the dates of the performances. As soon as the festival organizers complete the venue assignments, then they’ll assign performance dates. I’ll post them here as soon as we know anything.

More updates when they happen.

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