Queens New Music Festival

On May 10-13, I was the leading organizer of the Queens New Music Festival. The weekend was filled with new concert hall music of almost every stripe. The only kinds of groups we were missing were large ensembles like wind bands and orchestras. I’d like to thank all of my fellow Random Access Music composers (Manly Romero, David Fetherolf, Wang Jie, Gilbert Galindo, Andrew Lee, and Stefan Weisman) for all their great help in getting the festival up and running.

We had some great press, including previews of the festival in the NYTimes, TimeOut New York, and the Queens Tribune; as well as some recommendations from local critics and reviewers like Alex Ross (at his blog The Rest Is Noise), Dan Wakin (at the NYTimes Arts Blog), and Steve Smith. I’d like to thank those guys for all their support in making the festival a success.

And, finally, I’d like to thank all the ensembles who performed

  • Cadillac Moon Ensemble
  • Daniel Neer
  • Andrea Mazzariello, Chris Tignor, and Cameron Britt
  • Lost Dog
  • Quintet of the Americas
  • Kate Dillingham
  • Todd Reynolds and TACTUS
  • The Links
  • Parthenia

I couldn’t have had a more exciting line-up. Thanks!

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